Plea to register and vote , JUNE 3rd, for David Campos!!

Dear Fellow Kinkster,

If you love San Francisco for its diversity and its acceptance of alternative sexualities and alternative lifestyles, I plead to you to support David Campos in his bid to represent San Francisco in the state legislature.

David Campos will support cherished San Francisco traditions such as Folsom St. Fair, our affinity with Burning Man, our quirks, our differences, and frankly, the heart and soul of what we have come to love as San Francisco, and, yes, he will support ‘fringe’ small businesses such as and the Armory Community Center, along with the myriad of gay production companies here in town.

That culture, that ‘heart and soul’, is currently coming under attack. For better or worse, we face an unprecedented influx of transplants into our city. New construction is taking place at break-neck speed and the real-estate markets are white hot. Large corporate interests are becoming more powerful and their word will start to rule.

There are three reasons I believe David Campos to be the best candidate to preserve San Francisco’s culture:

1) David Campos is literally the only politician who has proactively reached out to me and initiated contact. You might think that as an employer of 130 people and the owner of the biggest building in the Mission, this would be expected, but it has never happened before! Most politicians are scared of any association with sex work of any kind. If David Campos will meet and listen to me, he will work with you, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, or your profession.

2) David Campos supports entertainment. He supports a 4am optional closing time, a relaxation of the current liquor license restrictions. This is in stark contrast to David’s opponent who has sided with the ABC on a midnight closing time in some cases. Do you want to live in a boring city where everything closes early? I most certainly do not!

3) David Campos is not only gay, he’s open minded and progressive about a myriad of issues regarding sex and sexuality. At a time when some of our most cherished institutions are threatened, we need a legislator who embraces our city’s rich sexual culture. I believe David Campos will not only support LGBTQ issues, but champion them with legislation.

Donate to David Campos’s campaign.

Register to Vote.


Peter Acworth,
Founder, CEO of

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